Chiemsee (The Bavarian Sea) is beautiful place which offer plenty possibilities for outdoor sport activities. Triathlon is one of them and what is better than cycling on good German roads. Place is just amazing and for me it was third time coming back here, so I knew pretty much all about the race.

Days leading into the race felt easy and relaxed and I was confident that there is good battle on the horizon. I did my pre-race run on Saturday morning and after few meters I felt all the races I did in past two months (6th race this year). Pain in calves was annoying but did not effect on my mind to have good Sundays race.

Race started at 9.00 for ladies and at 9.05 for men. Before the start I was relaxed and had a nice chat with friend Matija Meden which was nice catch up after long time no see. First few strokes were ok and I got in front of the race shoulder to shoulder with Matija. After few minutes we caught first ladies in front of us and suddenly I lost positions, that time I realized that it is going to be improvisation day. I swam on the last position in the group of 7 and I had no power to move up. Before the swim exit a small gap opened and I was out of the group. However the time loss was minimal and caught the front of the race in first km on the bike. At that time Horst was leading and Fachbach was second, I was third. I decided to catch some breath and then try something later. I tried to cooperate and share some work and put some pressure on other competitors. We were caught by two guys from behind and we all entered (group of 5) 2nd lap together. Then attack happened from Deisenhofer and we all just watched him rode away. 10 km before T2 was a little more technical sector and I saw an opportunity to break away. I got 30 s lead before 3rd and 4th but still 2:20 down on first place. I started my run easy on rolling 4 loop running course. After 1st loop I got on 1:50 to the lead but Fachbach was 10 s down on me. In second lap I got some stomach problems and I needed to take a »twominutebreak«. After that I ran OK and was closing down on leaders but it was not enough to get on the podium. Congratulations to all finishers, especially to podium finishers.