Performance team

I am coached and led by a diverse interdisciplinary team of experts from different sport & medicine sciences who work together to design the best training plan and implement the latest evidence based routines.

Dr Borut Fonda

Head of performance

Dr Fonda is a former mountain biker in the Olympic discipline cross country. After his career as a cyclist he started working as a cycling coach and consulter for body position optimisation. He completed his undergraduate study of physical conditioning at the Faculty of sport, University of Ljubljana and masters study of exercise physiology at the University of Primorska. He obtained a doctoral degree at the University of Birmingham in the UK with a research focus in biomechanics of cycling and sport recovery in endurance sports. He is the program director at Cycling Science, Ltd. He also has many scientific and professional publications to his name on topics including motor control, biomechanics, recovery and training.

He is the head of the performance team and is involved in training planning, body positioning and implementing scientific monitoring approaches to optimise the training process.

Aleš Suhadolnik, MSc.

Performance & nutrition

Aleš completed a master degree in Applied kinesiology at the University of Primorska, Slovenia. In his career as a coach he helped many endurance athletes to achieve their personal best results in different sport disciplines. He is known to test evidence based methods in the field of training and nutrition in the practical setup by himself. He is closely involved in day-to-day monitoring of Jaroslav’s progress and responses to training & nutrition stimuli.

Dr. Nejc Šarabon

Principle physiotherapist and sport science consultant

Dr Šarabon is the dean at Faculty of Health sciences, University of Primroska, Slovenia and

a lecturer of undergraduate/postgraduate modules in the department of applied kinesiology. He has simultaneously completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physiotherapy at the University of Ljubljana. At the same institution he later completed a PhD and post-doc in the field of neurophysiology. Throughout his career he has worked as a coach and consultant in the field of physical conditioning and rehabilitation.

With Jaroslav he works as the principle physiotherapist and offers medical and sport science support to the rest of the performance team.

Dr Nina Mohorko


Dr. Mohorko is a biochemist and head of the Applied kinesiology department at the University of Primroska. She obtained her PhD at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Her research interest lies in the field of nutrition and biochemistry.

She assists the performance team with specific instructions on adjusting nutrition and hydration for specific environments and training demands.