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The race is behind me and it’s time to analyze the work done. The weeks before the match clearly indicated that, on a perfect day, a personal record could in principle be set up. Moreover, I was convinced that I was also able to set a time below eight hours. Of course, such predictions are always ungrateful because the competition in the long triathlon takes place in a natural environment, and so the natural elements have a very strong impact on the final result. In addition, a tactical mistake or an energy crisis is always possible, and all plans can quickly fall apart.

Since I had a very similar racing plan, the coach this year deliberately planned some identical training sessions as last year in order to compare any progress. The analysis and comparison of these trainings gave me the optimism, becouse the progress has been evident in both cycling and running. The critical power on the bike was 20W higher this year, while the critical speed of the run was also a few seconds higher than last year. For swimming, however, I knew that I was somewhere at last year’s level, which in principle should have been enough to float out of the water in the first group. Not only the graphs in the analysis, but also the personal feelings were very good and so I was very confident stepped to the start of the race in Almere.

The figures from the analysis turned out to be true because I managed to drive the bike with an average 25W higher power and had the run with an average speed of 3 seconds per km faster than last year. In the end, this was enough for 7ur 55 minutes and 44 seconds, which meant a personal and national record and of course a win at the race with setting new course record which was set up 19 years ago.

In a garf is a comparison of cycling training  (5 x 8 minutes at the threshold). Blue is last year while purple this year!

In the graph is a comparison of the running training, where I ran 5 x 1 km. The difference in speed is obvius. This year’s speed is purple and last years speed is yellow.