Day was nice with some rain drops and Sahara sand falling from the sky. We started at 13.15 which was quite unusual for me. My race has started or if you want finished 10 days before race day. Out of stupidity I twisted my ankle so bad that I was thinking about not to show up on the line. Few ligament fractures gave me feeling of instability in my feet. Blood traveling around the joint and feeling of exploding heel reached peak when I came to Rome.

With RICE therapy I was ready to stand on the line on Sunday afternoon, but I couldn’t think 100 % about the race. Swimming was unrelaxed because I couldn’t kick freely, so I started riding from 16th place.

At the begging I picked up some riders and after 10 minutes we became second group (appx. 6 riders). Two riders broke away and we were chasing another 6 riders in front of us. At that time I was averaging 325w and had a great feeling for the rest of the race. After a while we caught the group in front of us and we all became huge group. After that point my wattage went down quickly, so or we slowed down or there was drafting effect. I still wanted to put some pressure on the paddles, but we stayed together. Riding times were quick because we shortened one part of the course (3 x 5 km), still don’t know why.

Run was quick from the beginning, though I was unrelaxed where visibility was poor (tunnel, sand on the footpath). Sore feeling in the ankle was gradually building up especially on curves, turns and uneven surfaces. After first lap out of three I was on the 12th spot and running out of energy.

Aid station was bad placed and insufficient. Finished 13th which is OK, but not what I was looking for. However I am happy to finish the race, didn’t get injured more and I have clear vision on what to focus on in the future.


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