Challenge Lisboa was 3rd race this year. I finished 3rd overall and this is nice upgrade after finishing 4th in Challenge Riccione two weeks ago. I came to Lisbon one day before the race and it was the first time that I had race one day after flying. I knew the course from last year, only few changes were made on the run, but in general it is fast and simple course to follow.

I had a bad swim and P.G.Dapena gave us (w Parick Dirksmeier) more than a minute. I made a good T1 and left transition area on 2nd place. Bike was not easy especially on the downhill where heavier guys (Dirksmeier & Moldan) pushed strong. We caught Dapena on the last loop out of 4 and everything was settled for the run. Flat out and back run (less than 20 km) felt pretty easy and comfortable and out of three (Dapena & Dirksmeier) I came third overall. This was the best run so far this year but still missing one gear to be able to conquer top podium position.

However I am happy with the result and now focus is on longer distances where lack of speed is not so important. Next race is approaching fast as Challenge Venice is just around the corner.