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his year we, JK coaching service, decided to begin new approach that ensure quality training sessions to athletes all around the world. Basic idea was to prepare 3 months training plan for half ironman distance triathlon. Biggest challenge was how to implement everyday training routine into ordinary life (work, family). In other words how exactly define intensity of the sessions which is main guideline of our system. Structured workouts provided by Trainingpeaks is good way to guide athlete through the process of training. All what athlete need to do is to open free basic account, buy structured based training plan, do some incitive test and athlete can start training like a proffesional. We will show you example of analysis how our plan worked out to a triathlete who is 30 years old and have a job. He provided us all training data from the beginning of the plan. He wasn’t ill, wasn’t injured and had nice consistency in training. Last but not least he is new to our sport and wasn’t swimmer, biker or runner before. He finished Faculty of Sport which gave him basic technical and tactical knowledge about swimming and running. He also got theoretical knowledge about sport exercise and physiology of sport.

photo: Keszthely triathlon 2017

“In September 2017, I decided to take a challenge – Mureck middle distance Triathlon. The goal was to test how and if it is possible to train (even 2x per day) despite full time job (Physical Education teacher). Jaroslav Kovačič and Aleš Suhadolnik were in charge of the preparations. I trained every day, sometimes even 2 times a day. Despite my job I managed to train 11-12 hours per week. Throughout the week shorter and more intensive sessions were scheduled and on weekends sessions were longer. In the first weeks I followed the training well and realization was at 95%. When worload (12-14 hr/week) increased I had some problems with combining my training because and work schedule did not allow me to execute plan as I wanted.  Cycling and swimming weren’t a problem, while running training suffered a bit and I missed couple of important sessions. I felt greatest improvement on swimming and on the bike, which was also noticeable on the race day. I swam in the first group and I came into T2 on 8th position. Due to dehydration I was struggling on the run but still achieved a time of 4h 15min. I am pleased with the results and achievement I made but I know there is still room to make some improvements. I can not wait to jump into new 3 months training block to be stronger and faster on natiaonal LD championship and Belgrade Half in September.”


Jaroslav Kovačič for Sport Interview

We present you one of the best Slovenian triathletes. His PB on IM is fantastic 8:12.24.

What sport accomplishment are you most proud of?

The best performance was this year’s Challenge Turku where I won the race with 3:48. Without any problems, with constant high pace and in wet conditions, I defeated some big names of triathlon.

You recently finished 1th at Podersdorf race – how did the race go for you and did you expect this great result?

Yes. This race came into my schedule like last minute offer. Week before Podersdorf I canceled IM Vichy due to transport and health problems. I was flying in the water and on the bike that time but big Q was my running shape. Since I returned from USA in April I could not run on 100%. My Achilles was killing me before, during and after each running session. Race went smoothly, no problems with more than 20 min advantage in the finish. Time was awesome; 8:12.24 is my PB so far.


What advice could you offer to young triathletes who are thinking of making the step up to Pro level?

If someone thinks about the PRO career probably knows well what the numbers of the TOP athletes are. Champion is not made during the night, only hard and committed training over longer period is paid off. Be patient is advice to give to young athlete.

What are your goals for next season?

Hmm. I got injured last month so my plans for next season already changed. I was thinking about Kona next year, but without early qualifying races like Vichy, Barcelona, Arizona, this would be mission impossible. So I decided to race Challenge Šamorin in June and Challenge Roth in July. These two races will be first peak of the season.

What shoes do you run in?

Next year I am going to run in Saucony if everything goes ok with the sponsor.

How is your training routine like?

Usually I train between 25 and 30 hour per week. I will do some changes next year. Together with my manager we decided to build a team of experts. Head coach is going to lead and supervise the process and I believe that in near future I can break the 8.00 mark for IM distance.


Who is the best athlete you have ever faced?

In January I raced Jan Frodeno in Dubai. He is »the man« at the moment and looks like that he will stay there for few years. I admire Javier Gomez as well and I raced him couple of time on ITU races.

How do you celebrate your victories once the competition is over?

I like to have some peace around. There is couple of »analysis« about the race but nothing special. You must train a lot if you want to be among the best. This sport is all about planning the future, no time for the past!

Who did you admire growing up?

Hmm, good question. I have been swimming since first year of school. Ian Thorpe was a big star that time and I watched him with open mouths during Sydney Olympics.

The interview was originally published at  Sport Interview.